Chocolate spoons with edible #flowers – Try these



A unique desert for a home party. Very easy to make with edible flowers and good old milk chocolate. Try these and you will be known as a hostess with the silver spoon 🙂

Buy any large bar or many bars of milk chocolate and melt them in a double boiler.

Meanwhile get a parchment paper or any grease proof paper ready on the side to place the spoons covered with chocolate.

You can use a food flavor too, maybe an orange or almond flavor for a twist, in the double boiler with the chocolate as it it melting.

Next dip the spoons in the chocolate, coating it rich and thick.

While not yet set, decorate with edible rose petals, or edible flowers or crushed rose flavored sugar. Anything that you feel enhances the look.

Leave these spoons to dry on the parchment and then refrigerate to set.

Your fantastic desert is ready, a visual delight with #flowers.

For more details do go to Easy Entertaining where I borrowed this idea from





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